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Wines through the light of the Vinlumin

The Vinlumin enables you to truly see the colors and clarity of your wine in the glass. 

2001 La Rioja Gran Reserva decanted in August 2017

2001 La Rioja Gran Reserva in the glass!

April 2017 - This is a 1995 CdP seen through the light of Vinlumin.  Decanted and enjoyed in April 2017 in Houston.

2003 Rafanelli Cabernet enjoyed in August 2017

August 2017 - 2014 "Upper Terrace" Beaux Freres.  Kurt Johnson from the winery talks about the wine.

June 2017 - This is a comparison of the 2008 Flowers Seaview Ridge Pinot Noir and the 2009 Quintessa Cab Blend. 

July 2017 - Decanting a 2003 Ormes de Pez.

July 2017 - Comparing a 2013 Juslyn Caernet and a 2003 Ormes de Pez.

July 2017 - Comparing a 2000 Bordeaux and a 2001 Spanish red at Lucio's Restaurant in Houston.

Please share your experience with your wine and Vinlumin.  Email your video and if possible, a picture of the label.

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